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PEIRS Questionnaire

The Patient Engagement In Research Scale (PEIRS-22) is a valid and reliable questionnaire for assessing the degree of meaningful patient and family caregiver engagement in research. It enables standardized assessment of engagement in research across various contexts.

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Method - Evaluation using PEIRS

PEIRS-22, a validated measurement instrument of meaningful patient engagement, can support quantitative evaluation to improve patient engagement in research.

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PEIR Framework

Patient Engagement In Research (PEIR) Framework is an evidence-based tool to support how engagement with patient partners is planned, carried out, and evaluated to enable meaningful engagement by the patient partners.

PEIR Framework diagram

PEIR Plan Workbook

The PEIR Plan Workbook guides members of patient-oriented research project teams on how to plan and execute working together to enable high-quality partnerships between researchers and patient partners when undertaking research projects.

PEIR Workbook cover

Themes of Meaningul Engagment

This infographic presents the perspectives of lay people involved in health care research and their recommendations for research leaders on meaningful engagement.

PFP Infographic

PED Framework

The PED Framework provides authors with guidance on important components for describing the roles and functions of patients as “research partners” for knowledge users to better understand how patients helped to shape research projects.

Patient & Family Caregiver  Themes for Evaluation

This paper provides the key themes for evaluating the quality of initiatives to engage patients and family caregivers in decision-making across groups, organisations and sectors of healthcare systems.

Patient Family Caregiver Infographic

Upper Extremity Functional Index (UEFI-15)

UEFI-15 is a valid and reliable patient-reported outcome measure of upper extremity function and suitable for assessing individual patients.

Questionnaire to Identify Knee Symptoms (QuIKS)

QuIKS measures experiences related to early symptoms in people with emergent chronic knee pain problems, such as osteoarthritis. QuIKS could be used to promote early intervention in people with early knee osteoarthritis.

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