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Selected publications

  • Barn P, Rideout KL, Lo W, Josey D, Vint Z, Sha C, Hamilton C, Hoens AM, Shellington EM, Joshi PB, Carlsten C. Better together: Launching and nurturing a Community Stakeholder Committee to enhance care and research for asthma and COPD. Chest. 2021 Nov 2.

  • Hamilton CB, Dehnadi M, Snow ME, Clark N, Lui M, McLean J, Mamdani H, Kooijman AL, Bubber V, Hoefer T, Li LC. Themes for evaluating the quality of initiatives to engage patients and family caregivers in decision-making in healthcare systems: a scoping review. BMJ Open. 2021:11.

  • Hamilton CB, Hoens AM, McKinnon AM, McQuitty S, English K, Hawke LD, Li LC. Shortening and validation of the Patient Engagement In Research Scale (PEIRS) for measuring meaningful patient and family caregiver engagement. Health Expectations. 2021; 24: 863–79. 

  • McCormick N, Hamilton CB, Koehn CL, English K, Stordy A, Li LC. Canadians’ views on the use of routinely collected data in health research: a patient-oriented cross-sectional survey. CMAJ Open. 2019; 7:E203–9. 

  • Hamilton CB, Hoens AM, McQuitty S, McKinnon AM, English K, Backman CL, Azimi T, Khodarahmi N, Li LC. Development and pre-testing of the Patient Engagement In Research Scale (PEIRS) to assess the quality of engagement from a patient perspective. PLoS One. 2018;13. 

  • Hamilton CB, Hoens AM, Backman CL, McKinnon AM, McQuitty S, English K, Li LC. An empirically based conceptual framework for fostering meaningful patient engagement in research. Health Expectations. 2018;21(1):396-406. 

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